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For Marc Arnecke in order to work efficient in modern project management nothing is as relevant as
Aside from that it is of course beyond question that the various management areas such as Scope, Time, Cost, Risk, Procurement, Quality etc. to name only a few must be considered to the entire satisfaction of the internal and external client.


So called project teams are often not teams, but groups of individuals.
One of Marc's first tasks is it to make everybody understand that all together have to focus on a common goal, not on a role written on anybody's business card.
Marc likes to compare to football teams. The striker would help out in defense and the defender would strike if he can. However, they will both remain the specialists in their area.


Communication plays an integral role in managing projects and leading project teams.
The larger project teams get and the more complex projects are, the more communication channels are formed and the more important is effective controlled communication. In times of modern communication means quick and straightforward communication is easier than ever, but unfortunately often used inefficient.
For the coordination of tasks, regular well-managed meetings are still the name of the game. Sadly many meetings do not focus on the project team's common goal(s) and do not add much value towards the completion of tasks.
It is one of the first tasks of the project team to define their meeting rules and it is the project manager's responsibility to chair the daily coordination meeting and to ensure that it adds value to everybody's daily activities.

Focus on Essentials

To Marc's understanding it is of particular importance for successful project management to optimize performance and focus on the essentials.
Far too often effort is wasted for tasks that are useless and do not add value to the project or product. Everything that has no tangible benefit and/or is not explicitly required by the client, should be avoided.
Lean processes can make a significant difference.

Control Change

Changes are often referred to as the only constants in life and that is particularly true in modern project management.
Setting up teams, preparing plans, defining scope and requirements, developing methodologies and many more tasks virtually cannot be done once and for ever just at the beginning of a project.
It is undisputed that products, methods, processes, etc. must be checked periodically. All too often, however, the system never changes and conclusions are not consistently implemented as it would be necessary.
In addition especially in construction projects clients will require changes, that is virtually certain. This is not surprising, because most construction projects go on for years and financial, legal, social and other environmental factors change throughout the project life-cycle.
To refuse changes steadfastly usually will cause conflict and client's discontent and often takes even more efforts than controlled implementation.


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