Freelance Project Management Services

Freelance Project Management Services

Our Project Management Services:

  • Write the Project Management Plan
  • Develop templates, registers and logs
  • Design processes and procedures
  • Review lessons learned
  • Provide administrative support
  • Review documents
  • ...

Planning should be the basis of all action and should be done with diligence.

Construction projects are characterized by their complexity, often large number of participants and high expectations. It often takes quite a while, until contracts are awarded. Nevertheless, the client will normally expect that the execution will start "preferably yesterday". Frequently the consequence is that important planning works are neglected or only be done incomplete.

Sometimes even the core team is not yet incomplete and staffs need to be added to the team and have to understand the project. Frequently existing team members therefore take over tasks for which they are not specialized and the situation may sometimes be described as close to chaotic.

We offer to close such gaps especially in the early stages of new projects, but also during the entire project life cycle if required.

In all our activities we are committed to comply to the standards of the Project Management Institute (PMI®), otherwise we stick to your provisions and requirements.

Contact and discuss your topics with the subject specialist freelancer.

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Marc Arnecke, PMP
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