Freelance Project Management Services for YOU

My Freelance Project Management Services – Your Benefit

Through my freelance project management services I offer timely intervention and continuous improvement of the project management processes through increased standardization, transparency and measurability of the project works. Impact assessments on the expected complexity, duration of the project and the resources required for planned projects.

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Developing the Project Management Plan and its Subsidiary Plans

The project management plan describes how the project shall be accomplished. The project manager creates it at the beginning of the project during the project planning period. Later changes and updates are possible and common in compliance with the applicable procedures.
The project management plan includes the project charter, the project definition, the project objectives, the budget, the project schedule, the resources needed to accomplish the project, the management approach, further management plans, and the initial risk assessment.
Often this document is not given the importance it really needs. Even though I can never create this document completely without your cooperation, I can nevertheless take over most of the workload and provide advice.

Creating Project Documents, Schedules, and Registers

After the creation of the project management plan, further documents are to be done. While the team is taking care of mobilization or similar, I can create registers and the like. Particularly in the construction industry, it is extremely important to collect data in an orderly manner, analyze it and process it.

In this work, I can participate actively and share my great experience. In general, I trust in standard office programs like Microsoft Excel. These programs are known to everyone and installed on almost every computer.

Preparing Progress and Status Reports

Reporting, in particular, status reports at the end of the month, can be a lengthy and work-intensive task. I can set up and maintain a reporting system that provides managers with a clear and consistent understanding of the project’s status, problem areas, and potential issues. Providing the necessary information in a clear and understandable format without unnecessary technical details.

Of course, also this work is not possible without the involvement of the team and without their daily input. I can process the collected data for you and make them re-presentable in accordance with the requirements of the respective audience.


  • Representing my client’s interests,
  • Providing independent advice on the management of projects,
  • Organizing the various professional people working on a project,
  • Performing risk assessment,
  • Monitoring quality standards,
  • Keeping track of progress,
  • Recruiting specialists and sub-contractors,
  • Monitoring schedule, cost and scope baselines.