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Project Communications Management Plan Template

Subject:Download Project Communications Management Plan TemplateThe Project Communications Management Plan is a component of the Project Management Plan that describes how, when, and by whom information will be administered and disseminated.
Prepared by:Marc Arnecke, PMP
Last Modified:27/01/2018
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How to Communicate Project Status?

One Page Project ManagerMany projects do not produce regular progress reports or regular status reports. This is not acceptable and the main reason for the omission is often based on the fact that project managers are focused differently. A large part of their tasks are simply not fulfilled often with the justification that they would be under great pressure and can not write reports for lack of time.

If a project manager takes his job serious, he will constantly monitor, analyze, and control the scope, time, cost, risk, quality, etc. He will collect data and often anyway enters it into software and evaluates it. Basically, the report could be almost done at this moment. Even if no expensive software is used, data can easily be collected in Excel spreadsheets, evaluated and presented in a clear form. this isn’t rocket science.

A great help to realize this is provided in the Book “The New One Page Project Manager” by Clark A. and Mick Campbell.

I Recommend this Book:

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