Project Management Blog Posts

Hello visitor, I would like to welcome you to my new project management blog.

For a long time I ignored this topic and postponed the creation of a blog again and again. However, it seems that setting up a blog for websites like mine is crucial. So now the time has finally come, in the course of a complete overhaul of my website, I finally set up a blog. By the way, my site exists since 2011 and this is the second complete revision. For the first time I am now using WordPress on this site. Previously everything was written by hand in a text editor.

Now that my project management blog is set up, I am planning at regular intervals to publish new articles about different topics that are directly or indirectly related to project management. In other words, this blog is aimed primarily at those who deal with project management.

I am aware that there are already many blogs on the subject. However, these are often very focused on IT projects. I will therefore try to stay a little bit more general or focus a bit more towards the construction industry.

I have been working as a project manager for many years and have also held other management positions. during that time I gained a lot of experience, which I would like to process and then put up for discussion here. But if you are really interested in reading more about me then I would ask you to read my “about me page” or to check my LinkedIn profile.