Project Quality Management

Thanks for your interest in Project Quality Management (PMBOK®). You find hereafter the definition and the processes involved in Project Quality Management and free downloadable templates. I developed the templates over time from real life documents. You find the the links to the free downloadable project quality management templates in the download area on this page.

The project quality management plan is a component of the project management plan. It describes how the organization's quality policies will be implemented.

Definition of Project Quality Management

The PMI defines Project Quality Management as:

Project Quality Management includes the processes and activities of the performing organization that determine quality policies, objectives, and responsibilities so that the project will satisfy the needs for which it was undertaken. Project quality management uses policies and procedures to implement, within the project's context, the organization's quality management system and, as appropriate, it supports continous process improvement activities as undertaken on behalf of the performing organization. Project quality management works to ensure that the project requirements and product requirements, are met and validated. (PMBOK® Guide)

Project Quality Management Processes

The PMI defines the processes as follows:

Plan Quality Management
Plan quality management is the process of identifying quality requirements and/or standards for the project deliverables, and documenting how the project will demonstrate compliance with quality requirements and/or standards.
Manage Quality
Manage quality is the process of translating the quality management plan into executable quality activities that incorporate the organization's quality policies into the project.
Control Quality
Control quality is the process of monitoring and recording the results of executing the quality management activities to assess performance and ensure the project outputs are complete, correct, and meet customer expectations.

Download Area Project Quality Management Templates


  1. I like your Testing Register, but the control chart only shows the last 15 tests of a certain type.
    Isn’t it much better to show more tests to have a better overview?

    Regards, Will

  2. Dear William,
    The purpose of the control chart is to analyze whether a process needs to be adjusted even though the test results are still within the limits. This analysis here is done based on the so called “rule of 7”.
    In my view, this analysis should be carried out continuously, whenever test data is entered.
    This means that in this context only the last 7 tests are of significance.
    However I am happy to take note of your comment and consider whether an extension of the control chart should be realized.

    Best regards,

  3. Thank you so much for all of these templates. I’m studying for my CAPM and these really help to understand the ITTO for the processes and groups. It puts everything into a real-world context

  4. Yes indeed.
    I am sharing templates for free download and they were downloaded and offered by others. Even sold…
    For this reason I changed my system and the download link now is sent via email. Hopefully that reduces the problem a bit.

    Best regards,

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