Download FREE Task Duration Control Sheet Template (Excel)


Task Duration Control Sheet Template (Excel)

Subject:Task Duration Control Sheet TemplateThe Task Duration Control Sheet is created and used to compare planned versus actual task duration. It can be an input to the Lessons Learned Documentation, the Post Project Review, and may help in the planning phase of future projects.
Prepared by:Marc Arnecke, PMP
Last Modified:07/07/2018
Link:Download Task Duration Control Sheet

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Project Schedule Management – How to

Errors in scheduling are one of the biggest problems in the project life cycle. Everybody knows that instinctively, but ignores the problem and claims that he/she does not make that mistake himself/herself. Among other things, the following sources of error seem to contribute significantly to the problem:

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  • Unclear project scope and requirements definitions,
  • Insufficient decomposition of deliverables into manageable work packages, activities and tasks,
  • Disorganized schedule preparation and without focus on how the schedule should be used in the future,
  • Duration estimates without sufficient input from subject experts,
  • No or insufficient risk evaluations,
  • Inflexible organizations and/or project team leaders,
  • Creation of the schedule under too much time pressure and regarded as a necessary evil, instead of giving it the necessary meaning.

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