Download FREE Project Plan – Gantt Chart Template (Excel)


Project Plan – Gantt Chart Template (Excel)

Subject:Project Plan - Gantt Chart Template (Excel)This template is designed to create a Gantt Chart in Excel for simple, not so complex projects. A Gantt Chart visualizes the chronology of a chain of tasks and is used in project planning as well as in execution and monitoring.

Please note that while this Gantt Chart is fully functional and easy to use on the one hand, on the other hand I recommended to use special project management software for more complex projects.

A project management software that I recommend and which can be downloaded on the internet is ProjectLibre. ProjectLibre is really worth a try and also opens MS project files.

Prepared by:Marc Arnecke, PMP
Last Modified:23/09/2018
Link:Download project Plan – Gantt Chart Template

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