Project Resource Management

Project Resource Management - Definition, Processes, Templates

You find on this page the definition and the processes for Project Resource Management (PMBOK®) and free downloadable templates further down on this page.
The Project Resource Management Plan  is the component of the Project Management Plan that provides guidance on how project resources should be categorized, allocated, managed and released. It may be divided between the team management plan and physical resource management plan according to the specifics of the project.

project resource managementDefinition of Project Resource Management

The PMI defines it as:

Project Resource Management includes the processes to identify acquire and manage the resources needed for the successful completion of the project.
These processes help ensure that the right resources will be available to the project manager and project team at the right time and place. (PMBOK® Guide)

Project Resource Management Processes

The PMI defines the processes as follows:

Plan Resource Management

Plan resource management is the process of defining how to estimate, acquire, manage, and utilize physical and team resources.

Estimate Activity Resources

Estimate activity resources is the process of estimating team resources, and the type and quantities of material, equipment, and supplies necessary to perform project work.

Acquire Resources

Acquire resources is the process of acquiring team members, facilities, equipment, materials, supplies, and other resources necessary to complete project work.

Develop Team

Develop team is the process of improving competencies, team member interaction, and the overall team environment to enhance project performance.

Manage Team

Manage team is the process of tracking team member performance, providing feedback, resolving issues, and managing team changes to optimize project performance.

Control Resources

Control resources is the project of ensuring that the physical resources assigned and allocated to the project are available as planned, as well as monitoring the planned versus the actual use of resources, and performing corrective action as necessary.

Download Area Project Resource Management Templates


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