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Project Scope Management Plan Template

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Project Scope Management Plan
The Project Scope Management Plan is a component of the Project Management Plan that describes how the scope will be defined, developed, monitored, controlled, and verified.
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How my Project Scope Management Plan can help you?

The Scope management plan covers how the scope will be defined, validated, and controlled. It also includes information on preventing or dealing with scope creep, handling change requests, the escalation path for any disagreement on the scope elements between stakeholders, the process for the creation of the scope statement, the WBS, and how the deliverable will be accepted.

Project Scope Management Processes

Plan Scope Management

Plan project scope management is the process of creating a scope management plan that documents how the project and product scope will be defined, validated, and controlled.

Collect Requirements

Collect requirements is the process of determining, documenting, and managing stakeholder needs and requirements to meet project objectives.

Define Scope

Define scope is the process of developing a detailed description of the project and product.

Create WBS

Create WBS is the process of subdividing project deliverables and project work into smaller, more manageable components.

Validate Scope

Validate scope is the process of formalizing acceptance of the completed project deliverables.

Control Scope

Control scope is the process of monitoring the status of the project and product scope and managing changes to the scope baseline.

How to Manage Project Scope


The definition is given above and the processes are listed, the question that arises now is how project scope is best and most effectively managed. Following my own experience as a contractor project manager, scope management is one in which many mistakes happen during the initiation phase of a project. This is a trap that is hard to come out of. By signing a contract, the contractor committed himself to deliver certain products and services within a time frame and at a certain price.

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