Download Requirements Traceability Matrix Template

Requirements Traceability Matrix Template

Requirements Traceability Matrix
The Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) is a tool used to record the different demands (requirements) in the project or project product made by different stakeholders.
In principle, the tool is a simple table that links requirements, the name of the requester, the technical description of the requirement, and the acceptance of the request. The Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) template also allows setting priorities, which is very useful when certain requirements overlap and conflict with each other. A subdivision of the requirements into different categories is also possible.
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How to Manage Project Scope?

The definition is given above and the processes are listed, the question that arises now is how project scope is best and most effectively managed. Following my own experience as a contractor project manager, scope management is one in which many mistakes happen during the initiation phase of a project. This is a trap that is hard to come out of. By signing a contract, the contractor committed himself to deliver certain products and services within a time frame and at a certain price.